A Paralleled Journey

It almost feels like teleportation. As I settle into my paralleled journey, one of the body and the other of spirit. I adjust myself over time, even with a young mother sitting next to me with her little restless boy and his parakeet he has, for show and tell, and I settle.. Settle into my journey of paralleled exploration. This is the moment. This is being. Not doing.. I breathe, that’s all I try to observe at first. Then, once I’m there, in nothing but breath, I take it to the next level.. a body scan. I start from the top of my head and attempt a worthy cause. Systematically scanning every inch. This began as an exploration of the skin, but it’s become deeper than that now, not only the whole body, but it feels like a deeper connection with myself now. I go all over my head, to my neck, shoulders and down my arms to my fingertips. Then back to the shoulders and down. I have distractions. Many. I use them. As an exercise in mindfulness. The bird tweeting, the restless boy complaining to his mother. A woman starts speaking a little bit too loudly on her phone. I just take a moment to reconnect with my breath and I’m back. Back down my front and back. Slowly feeling my way to my target. I know I only have enough time to reach my feet, but I don’t rush it. Many people get to their nether regions and find it arousing. But I make a conscious effort to find nothing from this experience good or bad, it just is. I continue down my legs. Every time the beast in which I sit decides to stop. I take a look at where I am. Has it been a distraction? No, I’ve used it as a way of balancing my immersive body scan with a mindful awareness of the present moment.. I’m two stops away and I’m at my calves. I notice a sensation of pressure to complete my mission. It’s suppressed just like all of the emotions of this journey, at this point there’s no turning back.. I finally immerse into my feet and realise there’s much to explore. The top, the toes, just like the fingers, each one slowly and concentrated. Then finally, then bottom of the feet! I reached my goal! I save the sensation of breathing in and out through the bubbling wells of energy that my feet now feel like.. and I dwell in my feet. Breathing from them. Until my stop is finally announced. Then I float up the stairs to the overground. I finally look at my watch and see, I’ve arrived exactly at the time I wanted to be there. Fulfilled.


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