Mindful Breathing – A Powerful Meditation!

A healthy man breathes through his belly, an unhealthy man breathes through his chest, a dying man breathes through his throat and a wise man breathes through his feet!     Anon

Whether you’re just starting out on this incredible journey, or you’re an old hat. Maybe you’ve played the game before, but you’re just a little out of practice. It’s always good to go through these basic breathing techniques from different sources. To see whether they give coherent advice or to try them all and see which one works for you. This is the basic breathing technique according to the gospel of the mighty Metro Meditation! Enjoy!

The Observed Breath

Breathing is natural, breathing is good, but if we had to control it ourselves we’d all be dead in no time! Our bodies have many built in processes that run subconsciously without our help. We go about our everyday lives never thinking about our breath, or even how our lunch is making its way through our bodies. Our bodies are literally power plants, converting energy round the clock. While we focus on things that really matter, like the gossip by the water cooler, or how good chocolate tastes!

This technique puts emphasis on allowing your body to do what it does best and to simply be aware of it. How do we do that? Well, that’s easy… catch the next breath on it’s way in and wide the wave!

Notice the rising and falling of your chest.. Feel around for anything else that’s rising and falling with your breath. But, and this is important, don’t try to change the rhythm of the breath. You’re just observing it, like you might see a car passing you on the street, coming and going.

As you progress with this observation, relax your diaphragm. Feel the breath subtly lower down your body into your belly.. Can you feel your belly rising and falling, or expanding and retracting as your chest was when you started?

Still not forcing the breath? Good! Now drop and give me 20! (Breaths)


How was it for you? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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